Links to Utilities on the Web:

  • Miscellaneous Individual Utilities
  • DeleteExt rapidly deletes all files of a given extension from all your hard drives.

  • Local copies of miscellaneous utilities:
  • Cabarc from the IEAK can extract the contents of a cab file or create a new one from existing files.
  • DelPart removes individual partitions (not logical drives). Run it from a boot floppy.
  • FD or File Director is an old DOS utility with split screens for easy file manipulation. This util is one of my all time favorites. I will make a page with detailed info one day...
  • LinkSys-Logger allows you to view incoming and outgoing traffic for a LinkSys cable/DSL router.
  • MSConfig from Windows XP. This version is similar to the one from Windows 98, but works in Windows 2000 and NT.
  • PKZip, PKZipFix, and PKUnZip versions 2.50
  • Power Toys Power Toys for Windows NT / 2000..
  • WinIPCfg for Windows 2000. This is actually a renamed version of WntIPCfg.
  • ZapDisk wipes out all information on an entire hard drive. This will get rid of Drive Overlay programs and/or viruses. Run it from a boot floppy.
  • Zap from IBM is similar to Zapdisk. It requires confirmation before proceeding and supports more than 2 drives. Run it from a boot floppy.

  • Files:
    Name Last modified Size Description
    C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\Cdr4vsd.sys 01/06/2001 10:11 58k Needed for EasyCD Creator version 3.5c